Payment by credit card on for ANABOLIC PHARMA

You can deliberately place and confirm your order on Anabolic Pharma and choose a reliable payment method to facilitate your package shipment.

  • As a first step after placing an order, you need to select Credit card ( as a means for payment.  You have to save the payment code that was provided to you on our order confirmation page. That payment code is actually our Bitcoin Address.
  • As a subsequent stage of the first step, you have to enter the payment amount in USD $ in step 2 in the space below “Amount you receive” and then follow the directions below.


1)      You must go to the website of


a)      Make a new Paybis account or you can simply log into your already existing account

b)      For a new account, you need to go through the identity authentication step, to prove your trustworthy ownership of the credit card.

c)      During the registration process as a part of the verification procedure, you need to upload an electronic copy of your ID.

Note: wants to protect its customers from the credit card scams and misleading activities. Don’t worry! Your information is safe and reserved with us.


Go to the option YOU SPEND and then select CREDIT CARD below it.


a)      Go to the option AMOUNT YOU DEPOSIT and you have to fill in the space below it with the net amount of your order in USD$ that was given to you on the order approval page.

b)      Below AMOUNT YOU RECEIVE, you have to fill in the space with the net amount that would be received by our services and representatives exclusive of the taxes and other transit charges from


a)      This is the most important of all the steps as you need to click on START TRANSACTION

b)      Fill in the space with the unique code of BITCOIN ADDRESS that was provided to you on that confirmation/approval page.

Note: Once you are done with this procedure, will automatically send us your Bitcoin payment within few minutes (excluding the server errors).

Your order will be inevitably confirmed by us within 24 hours (only on business days exclusive of the weekends).

2)      Order will be shipped, once we receive the confirmed receipt.


a)      After you are done with making your payment on

b)      You don’t have to send a confirmation form as all the procedures are automatically being dealt.

c)      Your desired order will be shipped within 48 hours.

d)     The order specific tracking number will be sent to you via email to track the status of your shipment until it gets delivered at your door step.

e)      You may also find the tracking number of your package in your client space if you don’t receive it in email.

We feel pleased to help you! Feel free to contact our customer service representative for your queries regarding and related payment procedures”