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Somatrope Pharm  (1x15IU)
  • Somatrope Pharm  (1x15IU)
  • Somatrope Pharm  (1x15IU)
  • Somatrope Pharm  (1x15IU)

Somatrope Pharm (1x30IU)


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Product: Somatrope
Manufacturer: Pharm Chemical
Quantity: 10mg
Pack: 3O IU 

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: human growth hormone

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Somatrope is not a single drug but it is the combination of many beneficial drugs and the most important thing in it is the human growth hormone. It is beneficial and equally popular in the bodybuilder and athlete’s community.


For better results and good courses, it is necessary to take 10-15 units/day for 2-3 months. To increase the mass of Sustanon 500mg/week methane 40-50mg/week and the tenure is 8 weeks. The dosage of propionate is maintained for 2 weeks at the dosage of 300-400mg/week.

The dosage of the human growth hormone 10 units/day for 3 months. Winstrol 50mg/day, testosterone propionate 100mg/day and last two are taken for 8 weeks. TPC is done with tamoxifen. The kit can be complemented with fat e.g. clenbuterol or T3 burner.


·        This is a form of the hormone, specifically a growth hormone having positive effects if used accordingly.

·        This drug has been proved effective by experienced athletes as it increases the metabolism of the body.

·        It has many positive features, disk capacity system musculoskeletal (lubrication and restoration of the joints, ligaments, bone-strengthening).

·        Joint dislocation is a nightmare for any athlete. This drug strengthens the joint by lubrication and increases the endurability.

·        This drug helps weight gaining and promotes the bulking of muscles.

·        Over destruction of muscle is the result of hyper exertion of muscle this complication is prevented by the use of this drug.

·        The range of its application does not stop at bodybuilding and is much broader, Marathon, swimming, skiing, wrestling, and many others.

·        Thus, shown in practice for women after giving birth several times, all of them tried to restore the form and get relief but never happen that, and only passing a course of growth hormone took note of the great comfort, tighten the muscles and improve the quality of the skin.

·        Somatrope is also used for the medical purpose to treat the growth failure in children and also in adults who dose not have the ability to produce the natural hormone in the body.

·        Somatrope is also used to treat the short stature at the time of birth and another syndrome such as Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome.

·        Somatrope is used to treat the short bowel syndrome and is to avoid severe weight loss especially in AIDS.

·        Often it is used by the athletes at the beginners’ level, for example, often during the practice, some gymnasts and athletes want to get something to lose weight and maintain the quality without any damage to the body.

·        To get high yielding effects this drug can be used with a combination with certain muscle-boosting drugs.

Important note:

The precautionary measures are always necessary to take because if it is to take advantage of drugs, there are equal chances of getting any negative approach in case of mishandling and drug overdose. Bad consequences are always there with a good one.it depends upon us what we want to achieve. Somatrope has no severe side effects unless you take the wrongly calculated drug. It may cause the rash on the body and cause redness which can be stopped as you stop taking the drug.