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Naposim Terapia (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs
  • Naposim Terapia (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Naposim Terapia (5 mg/tab) 100 tabs

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Product: Naposim
Manufacturer: Terapia
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone

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Naposim is the best of all drugs and is also the pioneer drug. It has the most suitable anabolic effects on the body. The side effects are negligible so they are not worth bothering as far as you are taking the controlled medication, it will not bother you in the future.


The concentration of drugs depends upon who you are and why are you taking the drug such as for weight lifting, bodybuilding or athlete power-lifting. Usually, men take the dosage of 10-50mg/day for at least 7 weeks. For the starters, the dosage is 20mg/day and is fixed because they are beginners. The essential load effect can be seen within 9 weeks. The drug remains active in the blood for 4 hours.

For the women athletes, the dosage is 10mg/day if they are sensitive to the high dosage. Expert athletes increase two times the dosage. It promotes the pain-free and enjoyable effects of the workouts.


·        Naposim is the pioneer anabolic drug and has been used for a very long time due to its benefits.

·        Naposim is being very helpful in giving the cushioning effect on the connective tissues.

·        Naposim is an immensely influential anabolic-androgenic steroid.

·        It is deliberated as one of the pioneers in the category of anabolic steroids.

·        If someone is interested in the department of bodybuilding this should be the first preference of that person.

·        This drug has very productive and positive effects on the mass gaining of its consumers.

·         If you are a regular athlete and want to gain mass in the bulking stages, you don’t have to wait; and just choose Naposim for the superlative bulky musculature

·        This drug has a role in increasing the protein metabolism of the body, utilizing the protein effectively and increasing the glycogenesis to boost up the body is the goal of this drug.

·        Nitrogen equilibrium is an important aspect of the persons involved in heavy lifting. This department which is usually neglected by other drugs is covered by its use.

·        This drug allows the body to resent the normal allocated water which is necessary for normal body metabolism, thus it can prevent horrible conditions like dehydration.

·        Joint dislocations and injuries are common and a nightmare for a regular athlete. This drug provides joint lubrication thus increasing the strength of joints to endure the pain and strain.

·        It offers immensely firm support for the musculoskeletal framework preventing injuries and uncertainties.

·        Accumulation of necessary fat in the body is essential as it is burnt and provides energy. Fat accumulation at specific parts of the body is necessary and is assured by using Naposim Terapia.

·        Obvious results in muscle growth are seen with the usage of this drug which is very appealing for a bodybuilder.

·        It positively pumps the muscle to complete the look and overall strength of the muscle.

·        It can allow the quick recovery of the muscles forms the strains that may occur after heavy workouts.

Precautionary note for the Neposim users:

The main and important precautions are that the drug should not be abused and should be used in the accurate amount. Otherwise, there are some consequences.