Hygetropin HGH - 1 Vials 10IU
  • Hygetropin HGH - 1 Vials 10IU

Hygetropin HGH - 10 Vials 100 IU

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Product: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone ( rhGH ) for injection
Manufacture: Hygene BioPharm
Pack: 10iu x 1 vials 10iu Kit

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Somatropin ( rDNA origin )

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Hygetropin is the type of human growth hormone and is used for the growth of the body tissues and cells. It is the synthetic form of the hormone. It is very much famous among the bodybuilders and athletes of society. Due to its amazing results, everyone wants to take this steroid and get the maximum benefits.


The best and most recommended dosage of hygetropin is two times a day. The dosage is 2 units in the morning and two units every time after the training. Bodybuilders sometimes consult the doctor and expert to get to know how much should they have to enjoy the maximum gains. The dosage depends upon the physiology of the athlete’s body.

For that purpose, they give the sample of blood for the lab testing and decide the units accordingly. Hygetropin is not good or recommended for pregnant women as they are already busy taking many other tablets and injections that they are not able to take another one. Otherwise, they can get allergic to the wrong combination of drugs.

The best plan for gaining the benefits without exposing to the side effects is to start with the minimum dosage of the steroid and when to feel suitable, increase the dosage. This is also the reason that every person has a different response to the working of hygetropin in the body.

Advantageous effects of hygetropin:

·        The world’s top-level bodybuilders and athletes appreciate hygetropin for competitions and quests.

·        Hygetropin is the form of anabolic steroid and gives the increased muscle size and genuine bodybuilder physique.

·        One of the few critically important steps taken before the competition is takin hygetropin said by the bodybuilders themselves.

·        The dosage of the steroids sometimes increased as the level of competition increased.

·        Hygetropin gives the appearance of an iron warrior and bodybuilders and athletes love the physical perfection only gained by the hygetropin before their competitions.

·        Careers of the athletes and bodybuilders depend upon the perfect athletic ability and physical appearance and hygetropin gives them the insurance of their career.

·        The right amount of hormone production in the body is very important for the well-being of humans and the optimal functioning of their daily requirements. Hygetropin restores any type of hormone deficiency.

·        Hygetropin maintains muscle production and its proper functioning.

·        Using hygetropin at the time when the insulin is low in the body is the best and optimal time to get the benefits the level of insulin is checked by the test.

·        Another time of taking hygetropin is the middle of the night when you wake up in the night going for the washroom.

Important note:

As all the drugs have a different response to the body but the thing that is important here is to follow the instruction mentioned above the label. Never cross the recommended limit of the drug and always use the steroid under the safe limit. Persons under 18 are strictly banned to use this steroid. They are more vulnerable to side effects.