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Parabol 100, Trenbolone Acetate, European Pharmaceutical
  • Parabol 100, Trenbolone Acetate, European Pharmaceutical

Parabol 100, Trenbolone Acetate, European Pharmaceutical

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Product: Parabol 100
Manufacture: European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 100 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate

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PARABOL 100, TRENBOLONE ACETATE Description: Trenbolone acetate is the synthetic steroid and is sold under many brand names. It is used by all the world-famous bodybuilders and athletes. They trust trenbolone acetate for power enhancement. They use it for the pre-competition steroids. Bodybuilders and athletes personally like to use this steroid because if you used it in the right amount then you don’t have to get worried about the side effects, they won’t show. Dosage: The dosage is diverse for different people. Everyone should follow the instruction showed on the prescription. The regular dosage is 37.5-75mg is the most popular range of doses. If you want to work hard, take a healthy diet with the steroid and follow the diet chart strictly. The diet should contain a high amount of protein as well as calories in it. Trenbolone acetate is good especially the time when you are running the cycle. And its effect can be more amplified and heightened if you use another steroid with it although this drug is perfect when taken alone. 50mg/day is good for some who is taking it the first time for the therapy. The dosage for the progressive cycle is suitable up to the range of 100mg/day, especially for those who are resistant to the high dosage and are not sensitive to sudden dose increment. Benefits: • Trenbolone acetate is used during the cutting phase and is better if taken Winstrol with it. This will enhance the density and resistance to the muscles. • The next level is the bulking phase for the bodybuilder and athletes, and trenbolone acetate is used confidently in one. • Trenbolone acetate ensures to provide extra strength to the muscles along with the massive increase in the size. • The muscle addition with the use of trenbolone acetate is formidable with the stack, the liquid holding capacity also supplements the size increment of muscle. • Trenbolone acetate is used by the gymnast, they use it once or 2 week by week. They usually take 1-2 ampule/day for 3-4 weeks. The normal range in it is 228mg/week. • It kills the fatigue of the body and allows the person to work hard and lift heavyweight for the betterment of the body muscles. • Medically trenbolone acetate is used for the treatment of androgen deficiencies of the human body. Androgens are very important for the body to carry out all the functions. • Muscle atrophy is a dangerous condition in which the muscle starts to degenerate and begin to destroy. Trenbolone acetate is used for the treatment. • Trenbolone acetate gives its highest contribution to the increment in the muscle mass and is used for the treatment of hypogonadism. • It treats the testosterone deficiency in the body. • Trenbolone also used to treat anemia y stimulating the production erythropoietin hormone and thus increase the production of red blood cells. • Trenbolone acetate supply oxygen in high amount to all cells of the body. Precautionary measures: • Keep the trenbolone acetate out of the reach of babies. • Store out from temperature as well as direct light. • Keep it away from icing. • It is not safe to keep the outdated steroid preparations or medicines no longer wanted.