Piracetam AL 1200
  • Piracetam AL 1200

Piracetam AL 1200

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Brand name: Piracetam AL1200, Nootropil, Pirabene

Daily dose average: 2400 mg - 5000 mg

Speed of arrival: 2 days and a week

Content: 60 tablets

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The type of drug in piracetam is nootropics that are one of the best and latest categories of the supplement. They are quite famous in the markets for their active anti-depressant nature. This term is first introducing in the 1960’s but now they are categorized in the training supplements and are now added as an important steroid in the athletic and bodybuilder community. They are now known as fat burning agents.


The appropriate dosage for the course of piracetam is 2400-5000mg/day.  They are now used by athletes and bodybuilders for fat burning and weight management practices. The word itself can be translated as towards the mind. Do not exceed the dosage limit because the consequences are always there.


·        Piracetam is considered smart drugs. They are also used to improve cognitive function.

·        The main to recognize is that the brain is the central part of every function of the body. The body does everything on the command of the brain.

·        So piracetam is used to maximize the capacity of the brain and help it to do optimal function.

·        Piracetam stimulates the potential of the brain and helps in thinking and memory processes.

·        Later the true function and capacity of piracetam are discovered by the bodybuilders, dieters, academics, engineers, scientists, code writers, and gamers.

·        The good supplement should contain the good ingredients but the best supplement has all the important constituents of synergistic effect which together form the smart drug.

·        Some many steroids or supplements are the eye-catchers and look good but are not that good, but piracetam is the complete package.

·        Piracetam is a very good opportunity for all the persons such as students, athletes, and bodybuilders who need the special gear of the brain activity.

·        They are served to stimulate cognitive enhancement. It heightened their functions.

·        Piracetam gives the extra focus and drives to the bodybuilders while they exercising and heavy intense workouts.

·        Piracetam increases the procedure of fat burning the body with its active ingredients.

·        It also enhances the active memory formation.

·        Piracetam directly or indirectly increases the production of neurotransmitters and also improves muscle contraction.

·        Piracetam is also called the cerebral vasodilators that are used by the weight lifters, by using them they get their blood vessels to widen. This way they get more blood supply following by the good oxygen supply to the muscles and cells of the body.

·        Piracetam also gives some gains to the ears by widening the blood vessels and supply oxygen and nutrients to them. It provides the optimal level of output accordingly.

·        As we said piracetam the vasodilator so it also sends blood to the brains and enhances its activity and keeps the whole person happy.

·        Bodybuilders and athletes used it as the stack including a good nutritional diet.

Conditions for which piracetam are used:

·        Lack of stimuli

·        Memory failure

·        Depression

·        Annoyance and emotional lability

Precautionary note about taking piracetam:

Do not try to exceed the limited dosage of piracetam. Follow the prescription for it. This is the best source to get medicine.