Anastrozol 30 x 1 mg
  • Anastrozol 30 x 1 mg

Anastrozol 28 x 1 mg

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Product: Anastrozol 28 x 1 mg

Manufacturer: Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 1 mg/ml

Pack: 28 tablets

Steroid cycle: Anti- estrogen

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Anastrozole is one of the synthetic drugs and is popular in almost every community whether it is related to medical treatment or non-medical treatment. Medical treatment consists of cancer treatment and non-medical for bodybuilding.


This drug is popular among the bodybuilders and athletes of the community. The dosage for the ANASTROZOLE is 1mg tablet taken once in a week. This is used medically for breast cancer treatment. And it should be maintained until the tumor progression.

It can also be taken with a full or empty stomach. The dosage can be gradually increased by the increase in usage. The bodybuilders need a high dosage. The dosage for the women is prescribed 5mg for 5 days starting on the third day of your period.

The most common dosage for the women is 1mg/day and has no side effects behind using it. In such a situation, users will typically introduce Arimidex in week 2 of the cycle and continue to use it for the entire length of the cycle. Many of the female bodybuilders require to take the anastrozole for up to five years.

Benefits of ANASTROZOLE:

·        The use of this drug is very much popular among the bodybuilder and athlete community. Anastrozole is important for the power-seekers whose career depends upon muscle strength.

·        It is equally beneficial for males and females’ bodybuilders. Many other drugs are very dangerous for the female body as they induce some serious changes to the body but this anastrozole is a safer drug for them.

·        It increases the endogenous testosterone secretion in the body. Testosterone is the principal hormone for all the energy-requiring task for men.

·        Anastrozole is very important in the PCT (post cycle therapy) for the betterment of the muscles.

·        Anastrozole is well recognized for the stimulation of testosterone production in the athletes and bodybuilders.

·        Anastrozole highly suppresses estrogen production in the athlete’s body. Estrogen is bad for the athlete’s good fate so its production is stopped by any means.

·        Sometimes anastrozole is used in testosterone replacement therapy. It is used when the body’s natural testosterone is not in enough amount in the body.

·        Anastrozole blocks the aromatase enzyme so that the estrogenic activity can be stopped.

·        Females take this drug for up to five years to control the growth of the tumors in their body and they have to continue the long-term treatment.

·        It also helps to gains the bodyweight for all the athletes and bodybuilders who want to take part in weight lifting competitions.

·        Anastrozole gives the body the required muscle mass to take part in the pre competitions workouts.

·        Anastrozole kills the fatigue that stops you from winning the competitions.

Note of this drug:

most drugs have common side effects but not every drug is dangerous. Drug abuse is the wrong thing and should be avoided at every cost. A person should be greedy to get the benefit in the shortest time. Some people take anastrozole 10mg//per even after the cycle which is quite unnecessary and should be avoided.