Bacteriostatic water NaCl 0.9% 10mL
  • Bacteriostatic water NaCl 0.9% 10mL

Aqua pro injectione Braun 10 ml

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Aqua for injection Braun is sterile water for injections.
It is used as a suitable solvent and diluent in water-soluble drugs to be injected
or infusion.

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This is the medium for the mixing and dissolution of the solution. This preparation is indicated only for diluting or dissolving drugs for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. The labels mention on the drug can be followed for the administration of the drug. This also contains benzyl alcohol for dilution for the injections.


The dosage depends upon the principle dose. But the sodium chloride is in 30ml multiple-dose and the concentration of sodium chloride is 0.9% and is always in the form of the injection. This dilution both contains sodium chloride and benzyl alcohol having the same concentration.

Beneficial effects of the aqua pro:

·        The sodium chloride dissociates to provide sodium and chloride ions and these are the normal constituents of the body fluids.

·        They are very much important for the essential maintaining of the electrolyte balance.

·        The distribution and excretion of the kidney maintain a balance between intake and output so it protects the kidney form the imbalance of kidney electrolyte.

·        The small volume of fluid and amount of sodium chloride provided by bacteriostatic 0.9% sodium chloride injection, it happens when it is only used as the vehicle for the parenteral injection of the drugs.

·        Water is an essential constituent of all the tissues of the body and it accounts for approximately 70% of the total body weight.

·        Water distribution depends primarily on the concentration of electrolytes in the body compartments and sodium plays a major role in maintaining physiologic equilibrium.

·        Benzyl alcohol also has the same effect and is good for the use of dilution in the injections and it prevents the concentration of drugs in the body.

·        Due to their proper dilution, the drug does not stop in the body and runs equally in the body.


The persons who want to use this drug are suggested to consult the manufacturer’s instructions and rules for choosing the type of vehicle, volume for dissolving the drugs that are to be injected, also the appropriate dilution is required including the rate and route of dilution.

Proper dilution will save the injection from the unwanted precipitation and discoloration before administering the injection. Keep it in mind that this is not for inhalation and is also said not to use in the neonates.


It is used as the solvent so don’t use it for any other purpose, it is only the diluent or solvent. The unusual preparation might pose a threat to this composition. Avoid the high dosage especially in neonates and the small infants. The dosage for any of the age and type is good to reconsider and reevaluate before administering. Also, follow the correct measurement of the concentration.


Do not rush your self in using this drug unless you know all the dosage making methods have been following the instructions mention on the packing of the injection. Do not the dosage by your choice otherwise will change the effect of the drug to be mixed in it.