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Humatrope 72i.u. 24mg
  • Humatrope 72i.u. 24mg

Humatrope Lilly 72i.u. 24mg

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Product: Humatrope 72i.u. 24mg

Manufacturer: Lilly
Quantity: 24mg/ml
Steroid cycle: Growth hormones
Active substance: Humatrope

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This well-known drug is an rDNA derived polypeptide hormone 191 amino acid in length. It is made from the naturally obtained amino acids and is surely non-synthetic. It is the growth hormone of 72 IU (units) / 24mg. this is mostly very much popular among sports, especially in the bodybuilding and athletes. It has the same properties and structure, such as the growth hormone produced by the human body.


HUMATROPE 24mg 71IU is an amount of 72 units/24mg human growth hormone. It is available in the injectable form. The dosage of the drug depends upon the requirement of the person seeking the benefit from it. It is also dependent upon what goals will be used.

For fat burning, the dosage should be 1-2IU/day. For muscle build and fat burn, the dose should be 4-10IU/day. If you want to take the maximum benefit, the drug should be combined with testosterone. It is more appropriate to increase the dose gradually.

For the first four weeks, the dosage is 2IU/day (one injection), likewise, the dosage for the fifth week is 2.5IU/day (one injection), dosage for the sixth week is 3.0 IU/day (divided into two injections, per injection of 1.75 IU/day), dosage for the seventh week is 3.5IU/day (divided into two injections, per injection of 1.75 IU/day). Applied subcutaneously in the morning after waking up or before bedtime. Many of the bodybuilders also use it immediately before the workout.

Advantageous effects of this drug:

·        This drug s the need of the moment and is very important to the community of bodybuilders and athletes to maintain their power and strength in the competitions.

·        Another important task related to this drug is the maintenance of the integrity of the muscular and skeletal system.

·        HUMATROPE also helps strengthens the immune system making the body less susceptible to the cold and viruses.

·        It promotes sexual health and improves the libido in the bodybuilders and athletes.

·        It also increases the endurance of the body and let the body bear heavy workouts.

·        Providing hgh energy levels is an additional benefit for adults who are taking this drug.

·        The neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are possible in case of a decline in the quantity of human growth hormone in the body.

·        We have collected the results from around the country about the positive aspects of this drug on a person’s mood and we got the best results regarding the mood changing.

·        This drug is the game-changer of the person's life who is very interested in winning every possible competition and struggling all workouts without symptoms of fatigue.

·        To buy the correct drug in a reasonable amount, our source is the authentic source and is also very convenient as compared to other online stores.

Some common side effects of the drug:

·        HUMATROPE 24mg of 72IU is considered one of the few known drugs used in the sports when properly applied does not lead to any serious side effects on the body.

·        It is considered almost harmless in the bodybuilder and athlete community.

·        It is the least harmful polypeptide protein that can be used for both women and men.