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Pregnyl 5000iu
  • Pregnyl 5000iu

Pregnyl 5000iu

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Product: Pregnyl 5000iu
Manufacturer: Organon Pregnyl
Quantity: 1ml
Pack: 5000IU

Steroid cycle:  Anti Estrogens & PCT

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It the not the androgens steroids and is also called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. The natural type of hormone develops the placenta of the pregnant woman. It has the characteristics of luteinizing hormone.


The level of this testosterone as explained remains considerably elevated for several days. But keep in mind that this injection should not exceed than once every 5 days. They should consider previous steroids used, the duration and amount used by the bodybuilders. As compared to the strength of the different steroids used for the injection.

The effective dosage required for the athletes and bodybuilders is 2000-5000 IU/injection. The best time of dosage is one injection every five days. The bodybuilder and athletes who take highly androgenic steroids for more than 3 months will need a high dosage.

You should take this drug for only a few weeks. The best period to take the steroids is for more than 4 weeks is neither necessary nor sensible. This should not be taken for over many weeks then the testes may respond poorly to the later intake of this drug so the precaution is necessary. It is first taken down n the 3 weeks then continue gradually.

Main beneficial effects regarding this drug:

·        This drug has many benefits but the precautions are necessary for every way to take full advantage of it the avoid the risk as to the maximum level.

·        Many athletes take the injection for two to three weeks because it the best time to progress in the body and attain the best possible positive feedback of the body from this dosage.

·        This is also the confirmed thing that the occasional injections can help the athlete avoid testicular atrophy.

·        On the other hand, is the case of taking PREGNYL athlete’s testosterone level immediately increases in production and on the other hand, a high amount of anabolic substances in the blood is induced by the steroids.

·        Many of the bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters and strength seekers also reported that it increases the sex drive before and after the competition.

·        The reduced libido and spermatogenesis are cure with the treatment and correct balance of dosage of PREGNYL.

·        Taking this drug at the end of the competition avoid the condition of the crash and maintain the level of testosterone in the body and avoid the fatigue in their bodies.

·        The drug not only maintains the organ level of testosterone but also maintains the plasma level of testosterone.

·        This the online genuine way to get this drug at the accurate price otherwise you may get in the trouble of fraud on another online store because they don’t show their identity but here is not the case.

Some of the side effects:

·        The drug has many benefits but also has some mild to serious hazards regarding the physical and mental health of the body.

·        The abuse of the dosage has many consequences for the athletes and bodybuilders.

·        The high dosage can make the testes to respond slowly to the next dosage and will stop the benefit gradually.

·        Also, the extremely high dosage can permanently suppress the functioning and body’s production of the gonadotropins of the testes in male athletes and bodybuilders.