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​​Jintropin 12 i.u. China Injection
  • ​​Jintropin 12 i.u. China Injection

​​Jintropin 100 i.u. China Injection

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Product: ​​Jintropin 100 i.u.
Manufacturer: ChangChun GeneScience Pharmaceutical

Pack: 100 IU

Steroid cycle: Growth hormone

Active substance: somatropin

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JINTROPIN is similar to the growth hormone mostly used by the people who are seeking to slow or reverse the effect of aging. This drug is also very popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities who like to take advantage of this drug. This drug is brought all way from china and is of genuine quality at a very reasonable price.


if we seek the drug for general fat metabolism then the appropriate dosage is 2-3 IU’s/day. And the dosage of 1.5-2.0 IU’s is considered to be a full replacement for those who are middle-aged and beyond. Only in the rare condition, the person needs more than 2 IU’S /day.

If a person is looking for muscle enhancement and bigger lean muscle appearances, the dosage of 4-8 IU’s/day will be required to achieve the outcome. Human growth hormone deficiency can be treated form it and at the same time, you get the hard and bigger muscle in your body.

Beneficial effects of the drug:

·        JINTROPIN is the synthetic version of the human growth hormone and its elevated levels in the body give strength and increase in athleticism.

·        There is also a wonderful reason for using this drug that it delays the process of aging so it is also called the anti-aging drug for the seekers.

·        It is also the powerful muscle growth booster and it makes the muscle looks bigger hard and increased in muscle mass, not just the appearance.

·        JINTROPIN enhances bone density in terms of physical composition.

·        It helps the athletes to increase the stamina for their required competitions and also increase the person’s will power.

·        JINTROPIN is a very effective drug for those who are suffering from the growth hormone deficiency and the body is unable to make the required amount of hormone naturally in the body.

·        The persons who want incredible results in their bodybuilding career, this drug is a perfect blessing for them.

·        Medically JINTROPIN dosage is also helpful for those who are suffering from muscle-wasting conditions such as HIV or AIDS or cancer as it helps to combat these diseases.

·        The use of this drug also prevents the condition of being scrawny, in which the body becomes deficient in fat.

·        It enhances the metabolism in the body and helps to digest the protein and other nutrients in the body and gives strength to the athletes and bodybuilders.

Some common side effects:

·        JINTROPIN is the safe drug to use for getting high results and beneficial for all the strength seekers but abusing the drug can give worse effects to the body.

·        jintropin abuse can give you the swelling of armpits, legs, and joints.

·        The welling can be mild to very painful that the immediate relief will be required.

·        If that drug is used in quite a high amount then it can also be associated with the condition, we called gynecomastia, enlargement of breast.

·        The bad situation occurring in the body is the direct abnormal hormonal balance in the body that happens with the unnecessary high dose of JINTROPIN.