PARLODEL 2.5 mg 30 tab / Bromocriptine
  • PARLODEL 2.5 mg 30 tab / Bromocriptine

PARLODEL 2.5 mg 30 tab / Bromocriptine

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Product: PARLODEL 2.5 mg 30 tab / Bromocriptine

Manufacture: MEDA
Quantity: 2.5 mg/ml
Pack: 30tabs

Steroid cycle: Anti-Estrogens, PCT and also Weight loss

Active substance: Bromocriptine

Each tablet contains bromocriptine mesilate equivalent to 2.5 mg of bromocriptine base.

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Parlodel is a hormonal drug and is available in the market under brand name Bromocriptine. The activity of that product is the same as dopamine in the brain. Parlodel activity is involved in the activation of D2 receptors also called dopamine receptors. This product is used in the treatment of many medical disorders like to treat the high prolactin, treat Parkinson's disease and acromegaly, etc. This product was very famous among the bodybuilders due to its growth hormone-producing ability. Metabolic effects related to those effects are considerable.

Many bodybuilders use that product in increasing the prolactin levels in the body and reducing fat as this product has high metabolic properties. Many medical reports have claimed that the use of Parlodel helps in the reduction of fat. This product also has considerable effects after the steroidal cycle. The use of that product is also considered in the treatment of diabetes and pro-sexual effects.

Benefits related to Parlodel 2.5 MG 30TAB / BROMOCRIPTINE

This product is of great importance among the bodybuilders and in medical treatments. Few of its considerable effects are mentioned below:

·        Parlodel 2.5 MG 30TAB / Bromocriptine is used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

·        This product helps the moving ability of the patient and reduces the shaking.

·        Improve the effects like slow walk, stiffness, unsteadiness.

·        Bromocriptine may increase the rate in which the user is not able to move

·        This product helps in maintaining the hormone prolactin in the body. this hormone is naturally produced in the body but the use of Bromocriptine helps in increased production of that product which is beneficial for the users.

·        Bromocriptine also used by the bodybuilders due to its ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone which in return enhances the growth of the muscles of the user.

The activity of that product in the body is the same as a natural hormone that is the main reason why bodybuilders use that product and it also being used in many medical treatments.

Dosage related to that Parlodel 2.5 MG 30TAB / BROMOCRIPTINE

Dosage related to Bromocriptine varies according to the user. Bromocriptine is being used for the treatment of many diseases as well as bodybuilders also use that product for their benefit that is why its constant dosage cannot be mentioned. However, the user must stick with the dosage as recommended by the professionals and should not get an overdose of miss it. Users must have to follow all the instructions given by the doctor.




If someone is willing to use Bromocriptine they must consult the doctor and tell them about all allergies they have in the past. There is a possibility that Bromocriptine may contain this allergen in the form of the inactive ingredient.  Sometimes the user gets high doses for better results which may lead to the toxicity in the body or situations like increased prolactin production will lead to unnecessary mild in breast etc. Drugs must be stored in the refrigerator at a lower temperature and must check the expiry before taking it.