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Xenical 120 mg 42 Capsules
  • Xenical 120 mg 42 Capsules

Xenical 120 mg 42 Capsules

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Product name- XENICAL 

Contains - 42 tablets

Quantity: 42 capsules

Steroid cycle: Weight loss

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Xenical is also named as Orlistat and this product is used to treat obesity by stopping the fat digestion in your stomach. This product stops one- third part of the fat to not digest and eliminates form the user’s body without being digested. Medication is helpful when normal dieting is not enough to meet your demand for weight loss. When Xenical is adjusted with balanced food very impressive results are obtained. This product helps in boosting up energy and helps in decreasing weight. When this product is combined with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise results are amazing. Xenical is the only drug that is currently approved in the UK for weight loss purposes.

Activity related to Xenical

When we eat food rich in fat and enzyme named as lipase is involved in the breakdown of fat in the small molecules which are then stored in the body. Xenical activity involves the inactivation of lipase by binding with it and inhibiting its normal activity.  Thus lipase will not bound with the fat molecule and will not digest it and this food fat will be removed from the body unchanged.  Therefore, most of the fat will not be absorbed in the body and will eliminate form the body.

Best results related to Xenical use

As when heavy exercise is added with the drug for weight reduction than best results will be obtained. Healthy weight loss is about 1ib but it can vary according to your demand for your lifestyle and especially food you intake. Xenical use will help the user in rapid shading of weight and incredible results but they have to focus on their lifestyle.

For an over-weighted person, this will be a blessing they will attain healthy weight loss and feel happy both emotionally and physically. Xenical stops fat from passing which means that some vitamins which pass the barrier along with fat will not get absorbed and will be a washout. If you are concerned about vitamin deficiency then you must go and consult the professional and ask for help. There is a possibility that they will recommend vitamin supplements.

Dosage related to Xenical:

Dosage related to Xenical is normally three times a day before starting the meal. This product will immediately start its action and blocks the activity of lipase. A lifetime of that product is very small so you have to take the dose with each meal. The amount of dosage intake could vary according to the need of the user. it will depend upon the need of the user how much they want to lose and what is their normal diet.




The user must talk to the doctor and told them about all the medical history and about all the allergies you have. There is a possibility that this product may contain some inactive ingredients you are allergen of. The user must take care of the diet and for best results couple the Xenical intake with low-calorie food and heavy exercise.