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The cycle consists of:

  • Oxymetholone 50 Mg/tab - 1 box/60 tabs
  • Testosterone Propionate 100 Mg/ml - 1 vial or 10 amps
  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate(NPP) 100 Mg/ml - 1 vial or 10 amps
  • Stanozolol 50 Mg/tab - 20 tabs/1 blister
  • Anastrozole 1 Mg/tab - 40 tabs/2 blisters
  • Tamoxifen Citrate 20 Mg/tab - 20 tabs/1 blister
  • Clomiphene 50 Mg/tab - 20 tabs/1 blister
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For the beginners advanced lean muscle bulk is not recommended.  The advanced bulking cycle for lean muscles is only for those who have already passed through the steroidal cycle. The reason behind this is that the body of the beginners is not addicted to responding to these steroidal products. Because when you are going for the advanced level there is a high amount of doses you have to intake. Before you start the advanced level of the anabolic cycle you must have once go through the normal steroidal cycle because in advanced level high doses are used and you must know that how your body will respond to this high amount of steroidal products. High doses of steroidal products come with a bundle of benefits and few side effects as well. So to remain safe the users must know that which level of the drug will be best in use.

Recommendations for an advanced bulking cycle

The most effective cycle lasts for 16 weeks. And there are different products which can be used for the increased performance ability of the body.  Four steroidal products are used for the increased performance during bulking upcycle of advanced level, they include testosterone propionate, boldenone, trenbolone acetate, HGH.

1.      Testosterone propionate:  Dosing for the bulking cycle is 400mg per week for this product. this product is one of the most important anabolic steroidal products among the users and is used by many bodybuilders. For its use in bulking up cycle-specific amounts are taken which is recommended by the doctor. This product helps in increasing the strength and the muscles of the user’s body. Due to the amazing abilities of that product, this product is used in the cutting cycle. This product is derived from testosterone and is ester in nature. This product releases very slowly in the body and is very effective in increasing the endurance of the user.

2.      Boldenone: this product is used in the advanced bulking cycle due to its ability to increase muscle mass and strength. This product is only used in the bulking cycle, not in the bulking cycle. The dosage for that product is 600 mg per week.

3.      Trenbolone acetate: The dosage for that component of the advanced bulking cycle is 100 mg every other day. If side effects appear than the user must reduce its dosing 50 mg after another day. If your body tolerates that product then this product is very much effective in its activity. This product is most powerful in this stake. This is involved in maintaining the harder and tough muscles look.

4.      HGH:  This is the same as naturally occurring growth hormones in the body and affects the growth of the muscles effectively. It helps in bulking and maintaining the strength of the muscles without any side effects.

5.      Tamoxifen: this helps in the generation of muscle mass within the shortest period. This product does not change into estrogen that is why lacks estrogenic side effects. The dosage of that product is 50mg.