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The cycle consists of:

  • Methandrostenolone 10 MG tab - 2 box / 200 tabs
  • Anavar 10 MG tab - 1 box / 100 tabs
  • Anastrozole 1MG tab - 20 tabs blister
  • Tamoxifen Сitrate 20 MG tab - 100 tabs blister
  • Clomiphene Сitrate 50 MG tab - 24 tabs blister
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There are many steroidal product available in the market for the increased lean muscles made with anabolic and androgenic activity. They are available in the injection or tablet form like oxandrolone, oxymetholone, methadroslanolone etc.  These products are steroidal and are made by man. In their activity, they are same as naturally occurring testosterone. These products have anabolic effects and are used in enhancing the growth of the muscle mass. These products are also used in many medical fields. The use of these products is world wild. These products are used by the bodybuilders and athletes for the increased better performance and increase in endurance ability.

Uses of that product

These products are of great importance in medical and non-medical use. These products are used in the following conditions:

·        In the medical field, these products are used for rapid recovery and weight gain after surgery, chronic infection or severe trauma.

·        These products are also used in the treatment of the muscles mass gain or reduce the muscles loss

·        People with osteoporosis use this medicine to reduce bone pain

·        Many bodybuilders and athletes use that drug to increase their endurance and performance ability

·        These products are involved in the increased rate of recovery of muscles after heavy exercise

·        Without this type of drug, it is very difficult to recover after heavy exercise as heavy exercise leads to muscle damage and it is very difficult for the body to recover without any external aid.

·        These drugs boosts up the anabolic mechanism of the body and increases appetite

·        Helps in increasing anabolic rate of the body muscles protein and helps in getting high quality muscles mass.

These products help the users in achieving their goal of bodybuilding and strength enhancing with in no time and easy methods.


Dosage related to these products varies persons to person so before starting the intake of that product the user must consult the doctor and ask about dosage and its intake schedule according to your requirement. As these drugs are steroidal in nature so the user must stick with recommended dosage by doctor and should take care about the diet and proper exercise required. Exercise is required for its proper functioning. Infect, these product are used to neglect the side effects related to the steroidal product. These products are steroidal in nature and high doses could leads to side effects like water retention, heavy voice and hair growth, baldness in man etc.


Before starting these products the users must consult with the doctor and told them about all the medical history and allergies. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as the inactive ingredient of the product.  Females are not recommended that product during pregnancy or for mothers who are feeding their newborn babies. High doses could cause damaging effects in the user's body like acne, hair loss, and diarrhea, etc so the user must stick with the recommended dosage.