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Aicar 30x10mg (Envenom Pharm)
  • Aicar 30x10mg (Envenom Pharm)
  • Aicar 30x10mg (Envenom Pharm)

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Product: Aicar
Manufacture: Envenom Pharm
Quantity: 60 tabs

Steroid cycle: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Gym & Training, Weight Lifting

Active substance: Acadesine


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AICAR 30X10MG selectively initiates the activity of adenosine monophosphate protein kinase, as this is analog of adenosine. The use of AICAR 30X10MG provides more energy efficiently.  For the maintenance of the energy level glucose and lipid get metabolized in the presence of adenosine monophosphate protein kinase. AICAR 30X10MG was firstly used in the 1980s during a surgery for the maintenance of the blood pressure. Nowadays this product is used to treat diabetes and change the muscle size by changing the metabolic activity.

Uses related to AICAR 30X10MG

·        This product is of great importance in the medical field few of the most important uses are mentioned below:

·        AICAR 30X10MG use helps in increasing the blood flow to the heart; in short, we can say that this product is involved in many medical treatments.

·        AICAR 30X10MG use helps in the reduction of myocardial infarcts.

·        AICAR 30X10MG also helps in decreasing body weight and the improvement of the body's metabolic rate.

·        AICAR 30X10MG use helps in the increased glucose uptake in the body as glucose is the basic source of energy in the body, bodybuilders who are taking AICAR feel the whole day high energy level.

·         Decrease the death chance after the ischemic injury AICAR 30X10MG helps in increasing the recovery rate.

·        AICAR  30X10MG is being used for the performance enhancement in the users

·        Before or during the ischemia the patient is treated with AICAR as this product helps in increasing the nitro-oxide quantity at that point by stimulating the nitric-oxide syntheses which are involved in the anti-inflammatory process.

·        Before the perfusion AICAR 30X10MG is given almost 24 hours before, an increased level of NO helps in the prevention of cell adhesion before ischemic leukocyte-endothelial.

·        AICAR 30X10MG use helps in increasing the mineralization of MC3T3-E1 in osteoblastic cells.

Dosage of AICAR 30X10MG

Normally recommended dosage of AICAR 30X10MG for the user is 50 – 100 milligrams per day. In the bulking up cycle recommended dosage varies according to the demand of the user or this product could be coupled with some other product. Dosage recommended to different users varies from person to person according to the requirement. In medical uses, its recommendation is decided by the doctor.  During bodybuilding, some persons require more dosage some require very low doses (initiators).  However, whatever the dosage is the user should not exceed the recommended amount as it could lead to the side effects which could cause very problems.




AICAR 30X10MG is not recommended to the pregnant ladies as it could cause damaging effects. Before starting the product the user must consult the doctor or the professionals about their medical history or any medication you taking at that time. AICAR 30X10MG is just good in use but this product is very powerful in its action than higher doses could cause serious problems in the user's body. High doses lead to imbalanced blood circulation in the body. Less serious side effects include diarrhea and dehydration like problems.