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Melanotan 2 in its activity matches an alpha-melanocyte invigorating hormone which is also named as Melatontan stimulating hormone. Melanotan is a synthetic chemical made in the lab. This hormone is found in the human body. Melanotan 2 was made as a drug to treat skin disease. On internet Melanotan 2 is sold as a supplement. Melanotan is a hormone that is involved in tanning the skin of the individual. Color of skin is very much important as it helps the user to avoid the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. make sure not confuse Melanotan with melatonin,

 Uses related to Melanotan 2

Uses of melatonin are very important in the body few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

·        Normally Melanotan 2 is used to treat the problems related to skin tanning

·        Melanotan 2 is also used to treat the problems related to erectile dysfunction in men

·        For the treatment of fibromyalgia

·        Affect the fatty acid oxidation, feeding, and composition in a positive way.

·        Helps to deal with the problems like penis erection

·        High doses are not preferred to use

Melanotan is the same in its activity like the hormone found in our body like a melanocyte-stimulating hormone. In our body, this hormone helps in the darkening of our body. Melanotan also has activity in males for the erection of the penis. This hormone is a protein in nature and has a great impact on the metabolic system of the body. Melanotan is very famous among the persons who are obsessed with their fitness.


This is important to consult with a doctor before starting the intake of that Melanotan II and ask for all the possible precautions, dosage, etc. Dosage intake for each person varies according to their medical condition and need. The user must follow the prescription they get from their doctor instead of thinking of their own. Do not change the dosage intake without consulting

Activity related to Melanotan II

Very initiated studies of that product were done on rats and results show that this product helps in increasing the sex desire in the rats. Later its activity was noticed for different medical treatments.

Melanotan II activity is the same as an agonist of melanocortin receptors. Melanotan II produces the effect like melanogenesis which occurs due to the activation of the MC1 receptor. High doses of that product are thought to lead to a long-lasting erection, vomiting, nausea, etc.


The user before starting the use of Melanotan II must consult to the doctor and told them about all the allergies and medical history that they have in the past. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could cause complications after its intake. Ladies and especially feeding mothers are not recommended these doses as its use could have damaging effects on the fetus or the newborn baby. High doses are not recommended. The user must follow the schedule prescribed by the doctor and stick with it like gum.