TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4) - 10 MG
  • TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4) - 10 MG

TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4) - 10 MG

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Product: TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4) - 10 MG
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Introduction- Description and Uses

TB-500 is the synthetic version of natural hormone (Thymosin beta 4). It performs some of the functions similar to the GH (growth hormone) such as;

  • Healing effects (observed in muscles, tendons, heart, skin and eyes)
  • Improving stamina
  • Controlling and reducing pain or inflammation
  • Increased muscle growth and hair growth as well.

Thymosin beta 4 is naturally produced in response to tissue damage and this synthetic peptide is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. TB 500 is one of the fragments of thymosin beta 4 and it is responsible for creation of new blood and muscle cells. One of the substantial modes of action of TB 500 is its capacity to control and regulate cell binding protein called ACTIN.

TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4)- Dosage and course of the duration

  • The standard duration is 4-6 weeks
  • The standard dosage is about 2-2.5 mg twice a week and it is suitable to preserve speedy repair in strained areas.
  • The advanced dosage is 4-8 mg/week
  • Frequency or number of TB 500 shots must be 2 mg per injection and this should be administered 2-4 times a week depending upon the desired weekly dosage.
  • After the termination of TB 500 cycle, a follow up maintenance phase must be completed for 2-4 weeks with dosage of 2-4 mg/per two weeks depending upon the selected bi-weekly dosage.
  • Dosage actually depends on the body weight, a 200 pound athlete must have 7 mg/week for the period of 6 weeks.

TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4) – Administration protocols

  • Its injection can be administered subcutaneously (needle insertion at 45 degrees) , intra-muscularly (needle insertion at 90 degrees) and intravenously as well. New alcohol swab should be used to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • Shot of TB 500 should be administered at different sites
  • An insulin syringe with 100 marks should be used for this purpose
  • Adequate amount of vitamins and minerals should also be taken while using this medication. Proper hydration is the pre-requisite


TB 500- Ideal drug combinations

  • It can be efficiently stacked with Ostarine (MK-2866) to get maximum synergistic (SARM and Peptide) benefits of healing effects.
  • It is also usually combined with other peptides like GHRH and GHRP-6 to decrease the length of recovery period.


TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4)- Storage of the drug

  • Before reconstitution with a diluent, it should be stored at 2-8oC for the period of 24 months
  • If it has to be kept at room temperature then it must not be stored more than 90 days
  • After reconstitution it must be refrigerated at 2-8 oC and should be used within 8 days for the next due shot.

TB 500 (THYMOSIN BETA 4)- Side effects

  • There are no significant reported side effects of TB 500. Some mild side reactions can be onset of flu like symptoms and lethargy or fatigue.
  • Care should be taken while administration of the injection otherwise it can cause infection or environmental side effects as well.