Cipro 500
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Cipro 500 Antibiotics

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Manufacturer: Bio Pharma
Substance: Ciprofloxacin
Strength: Cipro 500 mg 14 Tab

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Ciprofloxacin is the brand name of the drug having an active ingredient named as fluoroquinolone. Fluoroquinolone is an antibiotic and is used for the treatment of bacterial infections in the body. Uses related to Ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin is used in the treatment of many bacterial infections few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

·        Ciprofloxacin is very useful in treating the infection caused by the exposure of the plague or anthrax.

·        This product is used to treat bacterial infections which are too dangerous and cannot be treated with other diseases.

·        Ciprofloxacin is used in the treatment of various bacterial infections like bones bacterial infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and infections like diarrhea.

·        Used to treat a very serious type of bacterial infection which could be life-threatening.

Dosage related to Ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin dosage is according to the situation of the user. Administration route if that product is oral. The dosage amount as recommended by the doctor must be followed. The user should not exceed the dosage as recommended by the doctor. Under severe symptoms of infection, treatment duration is long and dosage intake depends upon the strain of the bacteria and the site of infection. The age factor also matters the quantity of the dosage intake.  The user when a visit to a doctor must tell about all the medication they are taking at that time there is a possibility that a combination of the medication causes a serious toxic situation in the user's body. High doses or double dose is highly prohibited. This medication is safe in use but the user must tell the doctor if they have any of the following symptoms in the past:

·        Problems like blood circulation

·        Problems related to the hardening or the narrowing of the blood vassals

·        Nerve impulse or muscle-related illness

·        Diseases related to kidney

·        Epilepsy, seizures, brain tumor, head injury or bone-related problems.

How to take the medication

Use the medication as prescribed by the doctor. Follow the instruction by the doctor. Ciprofloxacin intake could be after taking a meal or without a meal but the time intervals must be according to the recommendation of the doctor. Ciprofloxacin is available in the suspension form than the user must shake it well before starting its measuring for intake. The user must use the exact measuring thing not random thing for its intake. Do not skip any dose make sure you take the whole course of the drug as skipping of the medicine makes the microorganisms more strong which is very much dangerous for the user's health so the user must be careful.  The drug must be stored at room temperature where moisture content is very low.


The user before starting the use of Ciprofloxacin must consult to the doctor and told them about all the allergies and medical history that they have in the past. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could cause complications after its intake.  Higher doses of that product are highly prohibited.