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  • CABASER 2 MG 20 TAB.


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Manufacturer: Pfizer
Substance: Cabergolin
Strength: 20 Tabs, 2 mcg/tab

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Cabaser is the brand name of cabergoline. This is found as a white powder tablet in the market. This product stimulated the dopamine D2 receptors which result in the suppression of prolactin secretion. Prolactin hormone is involved in milk secretion. Imbalanced production of dopamine hormones leads to a condition named as Parkinson's disease. Dopamine helps in controlling the movement of the body. cabaser is named as the dopamine agonist. Cabaser helps in increasing the dopamine level in the body.

Uses related to Cabaser

Cabaser is used in the treatment of any medical conditions few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

·        Cabaser is used in the treatment of galactorrhea

·        Used in the Treatment of disorder related to ovulation

·        Treat pituitary gland adenoma which is caused by the increased secretion of the prolactin in the body.

·        During the puerperal period, Cabaser is used to treat the antigalactic issue.

·        Cabaser is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This disease is related to the brain illness in which the patient feels the rapid posture change, slow movement, shuffling. And unbalanced walk like symptoms. The use of casaber helps in reducing these symptoms and does normal work properly.

Dosage related to Cabaser

The dosage schedule is always prescribed by the doctor according to the need of the patient’s physical health. Different doses are required for different disease conditions and a group of ages. For adults recommended dosage is 1 tab once in a week before going to bed and repeated after1 week the same day same time. The dose intake changes for checking the best dosage could be taken as the body of every person requires a different amount of dosage for the best performance. However, dosages adjusted according to the gander, health condition and age of the user. 

This point is worth noticing that if the user misses dose due to certain reason they must take the dosage as soon as possible and the next dose must be the same day of the next week and time. Double dosage is strongly prohibited by the doctor as a double dose could lead to serious kinds of problems. If patient intakes a double dosage accidentally they must immediately consult their doctor and ask for help and the patient should not stop the medicine before the doctor stops it. Use if Cabaser could result in sudden drowsiness so someone who is using that product should not work on the height places and must avoid action working like the driving of the car. Use of that product could increase the sex desire and gluttony like symptoms if the effects got severe go and tell to your doctor.


Before starting Cabaser the user must go and consult the doctor and told them about all the medical history and told if you are using any medication. Explain if you have any allergy in the past there is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could be life-threatening. This product is not recommended during pregnancy and to mothers who feed their babies.