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Nebido Bayer (1000 mg/4 ml) 4 ml
  • Nebido Bayer (1000 mg/4 ml) 4 ml

Nebido Bayer (250 mg/4 ml) 4 ml

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Product: Nebido
Manufacturer: Bayer
Quantity: 250 mg/4 ml
Pack: 4 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Testosterone undecanoate

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NEBIDO (250 MG/4 ML) 4 ML


Nebido (250 mg/4 ml) composed of 1000 mg of testosterone undecanoate into 4 ml of solution for injection that makes testosterone undecanoate 250 mg/ ml. Nebido is available in the form of injection. Testosterone undecanoate which is an active compound in Nebido which is an ester of the naturally occurring testosterone, androgen. Nebido can be injected into a muscle and it is stored in muscles and over a time it will gradually release through body.

Nebido is used by adult males as testosterone replacement therapy for the treatment of different health-related problems due to low level or lack of testosterone this situation is called male hypogonadism. This condition should be observed and checked by two different measurements of testosterone. The clinical symptoms include tiredness, infertility, impotence, low sex derive, depressive moods and bone loss, etc

Administration and Dosage:


Nebido administered intramuscularly testosterone undecanoate. The injection of Nebido is an oily solution. An increase in serum testosterone levels can be measured even after one day of administration. The injections should be administered slowly. Nebedio is strictly an intramuscular injection.

 One vial of Nebido corresponding testosterone undecanoate 1000 mg that is 250 mg/4 ml Nebido is injected every 10 to 14 weeks with this frequency of injection the testosterone level in the body is maintained does not lead to the accumulation of testosterone in the body.

The level of testosterone should be measured before starting the treatment the interval of the first injection should be reduced to 6 weeks.with this loading dose the levels can be reached quickly to its steady- state.

Occasionally the level of testosterone the body should be measured after injecting the Nebido at specific intervals. The low level of testosterone indicates that there is a need for a shorter injection of Nebido. In case of a high level in serum there is a need for an extension in the interval of injection of Nebido. The interval of Nebido injection should be maintained between the recommended range of intervals of 10 to 14 weeks.


·        The important and positive aspect of this medicine Nebido is its duration of action and speed.

·        Nebido starts working immediately when entering into the body and dissolves in blood and has long term effects.

·        It decreases the symptoms of the disease and reduces the risk of complications

·        Nebido is the drug that has the capability of producing a full range of treatments.

·        Nebeido is used for treating the severe hypogonadism and improve sexual functions in man.

·        Nebido a testosterone replacement therapy is used to improve energy, quality of life, mood and depressive symptoms.

·        Nedio improves bone mineral density

·        Nebido has beneficial effects on lower urinary tract infections

·        Nebido has positive effects in the case of anemia and unexplained anemia.

·         Nebido testosterone which offers several benefits to bodybuilders which includes catabolism inhibition, improved performance, increased RBCs production improve muscle gain, nitrogen retention and improve muscle tissues, etc.

·        These benefits of Nebido testosterone make it an ideal product for bodybuilders its right cycle of dosage to reduce its side effects.