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XANAX - 30 tabs/1mg - Alprazolamum

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Product: XANAX
Manufacturer: Pfizer
Quantity: 30/tablet
Pack: 30 tablet

Steroid cycle: Antidepressants

Active substance: Alprazolamum

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XANAX 30 tablet 1MG


Xanax is the psychotropic drug and is containing the chemical compound called a benzodiazepine. It is the mind-calming agent used by all types of people e.g. bodybuilders, athletes or the patients suffering from panic attacks or anxiety. It is a miracle for all who suffer. Xanax has the edge that it is officially approved by the FDA.


The individualizing way should be adopted for gaining the maximum benefit. The safe dosage for it is 4mg per day. If the person resists the dosage and does not feel any harm from it then the dosage can increase gradually. It is almost dependent upon the person's endurance and will power to endure the working of the drug.

If the person follows all the terms and conditions of taking this drug only then it will be able to meet the needs of an athlete or a bodybuilder. The patients with anxiety have a dose of 0.25-0.5mg given 3 times a day. Then this way the drug dosage can be increased at an interval of 3-4 days. then reach up to 4mg. The risk may increase with the dosage increment.

When you are done with the treatment, do not quit the dosage at once instead of gradually decrease the daily dose otherwise the body will resist the sudden absence of drugs in the blood. The decrease in dosage should be 0.5mg every 3 days. and a few of the person needs even slower quitting.

The dosage for panic attacks is 4md/day, the range of dose is from 1-10mg per day. The average dosage is 5-6mg daily. The highest dosage taken safely by the patient is 10mg/day. Treatment should be carried for at least 3 months.

Beneficial effects of XANAX:

·        Anxiety is the painful condition of the body when the person can not think straight or sleep properly, XANAX is the drug used for the treatment of anxiety.

·        It is also used to cure the condition of panic attacks; the successful results are seen on a higher dose such as 10mg per day.

·        Xanax provides a calming effect on the mind and finish the worries from your brain.

·        Bodybuilding and athletics are the time taking professions and you have to bear all the pressures regarding the intense workout and heavy practice. Xanax relaxes your mind and gives you the strength to keep standing.

·        Xanax is also used by the pregnant women who bear the phases of mood swings and needs to be calm in this situation, for that purpose Xanax is given to them to stop their temporary psychiatric condition.

·        Xanax act on the brain and nerves, it produces the calming effect and work by stimulating the chemicals in the body and body act upon them.

·        It vanishes all the worries of the person who us busy fighting the nightmare of his/her life and is facing the problems.

Important note regarding XANAX:

Xanax can sometimes make you addict if you used it for the treatment and unknowingly prolong the cure time. Beware of this aspect and use the correct dosage of this drug. Otherwise, you will dizzy all the time and as the effect stop, you will fee the urge to take the dosage again and again. So, avoid the misuse of this drug and ask your doctor or expert before starting the course.