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MAGNYL 5000 | Magnus Pharmaceuticals | Anabolic Pharma
  • MAGNYL 5000 | Magnus Pharmaceuticals | Anabolic Pharma

MAGNYL 5000 - Magnus Pharmaceuticals - Anabolic Pharma

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Product: MAGNYL 5000

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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MAGNYL 5000 | Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Introduction- Description and Uses

It is the synthetic human chorionic gonadotropin peptide. HCG is a glycoprotein hormone naturally produced in the embryo of a pregnant woman. It is concerned with the functions like releasing LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and testosterone production. It stimulates testicular activity in men and in women it performs the same function for the ovaries.

Why MAGNYL (HCG) is used by athletes and body builders?

It is actually beneficial for athletes using anabolic steroids. As AAS cycle reduces the level of endogenous testosterone production, supplementation of HCG helps the body to restore the levels of testosterone. Its efficacy depends on its use while “on cycle” or “after cycle”. Generally, its intake is recommended after cycle of anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass is completed. Its effectiveness is increased by many folds if it is used in PCT (post cycle therapy).

Post cycle therapy Magnyl 5000 is strongly recommended when the cycle of anabolic steroids reach the limit of 12 weeks and beyond in the case of high muscle strength performance in body building.

MAGNYL 5000- Mechanism of action

  • Injected human chorionic gonadotropin sends an impulse to the testicles
  • Testicles are signaled by HCG to imitate LH (luteinizing hormone)
  • It stimulates natural testosterone production

MAGNYL 5000- Dosage and duration of the course

  • The standard time for its dosage is at 4th week of the anabolic steroid cycle and synthetic HCG is used at every 5th day of a week.
  • The recommended duration is 4 weeks
  • Daily recommended dosage range is 300-500 iu
  • Once post cycle therapy ends, a gap of 4 weeks must be availed. This therapy or course can be resumed with the same pattern of dosage
  • If the anabolic steroid cycle ends with a long ester gear then it will require a gap of 10-14 days to start a Magnyl course. Otherwise, a break of 3-4 days will be sufficient.
  • The suggested dosage for a long term usage of Magnyl 5000 falls in the range of 3000-4000 iu thrice a week continued for a period of 6-9 months.
  • It can be followed by another course with dose of 2000 iu thrice a week for additional three months.
  • Short term schedule of Magnyl 5000 requires the average dosage of 500-1000 iu thrice a week for only 1.5 month typically followed by the same range of dose twice a week for additional 3 weeks.

MAGNYL 5000- Drug combinations

  • There are numerous scientifically recommended stacking courses for a post cycle therapy
  • HCG Magnyl 5000 can be combined with SERMs such as Nolvadex and Clomid
  • However, PCT initiated with magnyl 5000 is considered to be the most effective followed by the use of SERM.
  • In this way, total recovery process is fairly enhanced as Magnayl mimics the LH and prepares the body for the forthcoming SERM therapy yielding an efficient recovery plan.

MAGNYL 5000- Side effects

  • There are very rare chances of side effects while using Magnyl. However, some of the reported side reactions are gastrointestinal complications like upset stomach, headaches, rashes and mild nausea
  • Estrogenic side effects predominantly due to the high levels of testosterone
  • Overuse or abuse of the drug can cause increased LH addiction resulting in low testosterone conditions.